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Meet Edison

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Edblocks Activity 1

Lesson Summary:

Your students will learn to use their Edison robot, customize their robot with Legos and draw their creation in a journaling page. They will learn how to turn their Edison robot on and off. They will learn to locate the record, stop and play button. They will learn to recognise the parts of the robot including where it's sensors are. Students build Legos on their edison Robots.

Materials Needed:

- Lots of Legos

- 1 device per student

- 1 Edison robot per student 

- 1 download cable per robot

- 4 AAA batteries per robot

What you'll do: 

1. Read the handout "EdBlocks Activity 1" to your students with lots of class discussion. Pause frequently and allow your students to use their robots to follow along with the activity as you review the EdBlocks activity with them.

2. Students use Legos to customize their Edison. 

3. Students draw their Edison Lego creations.

Printable Lesson Activity:

Edblocks Activity 1: Meet Edison

EdS This is my robot_Journaling Page.jpg

Printable Journaling Page:

This is my robot creation!


Show this video to your students so they can get to know their Edison Robot.

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