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Clap Controlled Driving

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Edblocks Activity 2

Lesson Summary:

Your students will learn to use their Edison robot to scan a barcode. They will scan a barcode to access Edison's clap controlled driving mode. Then, they will have clap races with their Edison robots to see which robot can cross the finish line first.

Lesson Objective:

Students will not be programming their robots yet. They will learn the basic skill of scanning a barcode with their robot or they can try and code the clap controlled driving by themselves. Students play and troubleshoot with their Edison robot. Play is very important at this stage of robotics. In this lesson they will play with the robot by clapping. One clap will make the robot turn right. Two claps will make the robot go forward. Students will gain intuition in controlling Edison with claps so they can relate to future programming tasks.

Materials Needed:

- 1 Edison robot per student 

- 4 AAA batteries per robot

- Edison Barcode sheets 

What you'll do: 

1. Read the handout "EdBlocks Activity 2: Clap Controlled Driving" to your students with lots of class discussion. Pause frequently and allow your students to use their robots to follow along with the activity as you review the EdBlocks activity with them.

2. Students use markers and paper to make a race track for their Edison. Try making a straight race track. Try making a race track with turns in it. Can your students guide edison through the track using only claps?

3. Students may challenge partners to race after they create their race tracks or you can do a free form race on the floor!

Printable Lesson Activity:

Edblocks Activity 2

Printable Journal Sheet

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