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Avoid Obstacles

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Edblocks Activity 3

Lesson Summary:

Your students will discover a new feature of the Edison robot and build a maze for the robot to go through!

Lesson Objective:

Students will be building a maze for their robots today! They can either use barcodes or program their robot with the Edblocks code to avoid obstacles.


- 1 Edison robot per student 

- Books

- Blocks from the STEMTaught shelf (Blocky Cart Kea)

- Cubie blocks from the STEMTaught Shelf

- Lego's

- Sticks from outside

- Any creative thing the students think up that will work

What you'll do: 

1. Read the handout "EdBlocks Activity 3: Avoid Obstacles" to your students with lots of class discussion. Have students work together to build a maze for their robot. 

Printable Lesson Activity:

Edblocks Activity 3: Avoid Obstacles

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