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Your students will make a solar pop bottle light! They will read amazing books such as Shamma Shines and Luzvimenda's Light and play fun games.


(Click on each calendar day to access your lesson plans and teaching resources)

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Read: Luzvimenda's Light

Play: Four Square Volleyball

Do: Make observations of viewing cards in your box (4-8) Measure light levels with microbit

Read: Shamaa Shines

Play: Robot Tag

Do: Make Translucent Jokes

(Micro:bit) Program a remote light sensor using two micro:bits 

Read: Luzvimenda's Light

Play:  I SPY

Do: (K-2) Decorate Shamaa’s bat cave (4-8) Decorate and make furniture for Luzvimenda’s home (Your Peep Hole box)

Play: Blind Obstacle Course

Do: Decode Braille Jokes: Use the braille alphabet key to discover the answers to some jokes.

Read: Shamaa Shines

Play: Knock-out

Do: (K-2) Make a bat out of salt dough and give it  a medical checkup (4-8) Decorate Luzvimenda’s home (Your Peep Hole box)

Read: Eye Can See!: Meethil Momaya

Play: Ocean Animal Relay

Do: Test Beachcombing Materials to see if they are translucent, transparent, or opaque

Read: Luzvimenda's Light

Play: Jump Rope

Do: Bring more light into the bat’s cave by inserting a test tube full of water through the hole.

Do: Design and build an improved solar soda bottle light

Read: Sylvie the Sensitive Caterpillar

Play: Toilet Tag

Do: (K-3) Sylvie's Socks

(4-8) Design and build an improved solar soda bottle light

Play: Keep the Ball

Do: (K-2) Solve sun, moon and star puzzles.

 (4-8) Make light inventions. Make an LED shine, How many lights can you power with one battery. Make a light shine without using batteries

Read: The Three Little Birds

Play: Bird Nest

Do: (K-2) Make a shade structure using B-Barbs

(4-8) Invention showcase. Walk around and see what other students invented.

Play: Grab and Dash

Do: Sense Without Sight: Work with a partner to guide you in various tasks without using your sight.

Play: Kick the Can

Do: Same or different: Feel Braille patterns with your fingertips to see if they are the same or different.

Play: Crazy Tag

Do: Build a sundial

Play: Land, Air, Sea

Do: (K-3) Bend light with water. Bend light with Tedros test tube. Bend light with various shaped containers.

(4-8) Robotics Lab: Line Tracking

Play: Hot Potato Hide-and-Seek

Do: Can you read Braille with your fingertips? Feel Braille flash cards and reference the answer key to see if you can read Braille.

Read: STEMTaught Journal

Play: Bubble Hop

STEM (K-3)  Blow/Observe Bubbles

Code: (4-8th) Program your robot! 

Read: STEMTaught Journal 

Play: Ice Cubes

STEM (K-8) Start to make your box into a house etc (get creative). Cut out cards and test what you can see.

Read: Rosa's Shadow

Play: Shadow Tag

STEM (K-3) Trace your Shadow every hour - Make a Paper Tube Telescope.

Code: (4-8th) Program your robot!

Read: STEMTaught Journal

Play: Straddle Ball

STEM (4-8th) Make Clap Sticks

Code: (K-3rd) Program your robot!

Read: Vibrations Make Sound

Play: Human Tic-tac-toe

STEM (K-8) Cooking Time

Make a Reed Kazoo.

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