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Building Valuable Skills

Robotics = Problem solving and fun. Every student loves Robotics. Learning to computer program is a 21st century skill that every students needs.

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Did you hear?

STEMTaught has teamed up with local schools to create lots of after school fun!

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Explore Outdoors

Step outside and watch the birds come to your homemade feeders. Get to know the trees on campus and enjoy collecting and looking at neat nature's interesting inventions.


Stomp Rockets will fly high as students make predictions and conduct experiments to observe how different rocket designs affect flight performance.

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Students use block coding to learn  essential computer programming skills! Fun activities help kids build interests that could build interest for their future careers.


Creative expression through art is an important part of each week. Here, students learned all about the first written language recorded in human history (Cuniform) by pressing reeds into soft clay.

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Daily Schedule Example

Check out this 2 hour 30 minute example schedule:

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(Times and activities are adjustable for your school day.)

2:30-2:35  (5 minutes):  Greet Students, Take Roll

2:35-3:05  (30 minutes):  Snack & Free Play (Students will have their snack and enjoy time to free play)

3:05-3:20  (15 minutes):  Story Time (STEMTaught has a great collection of digital books so you can read to your students every day)

3:20-4:10  (50 minutes):  STEM Activity Time  (Hands-on STEM activity, art project, programming activity, or robotics activity)

4:10-4:35  (25 minutes):  Game (Play to the theme of your monthly topic)

4:35-4:55  (20 minutes):  Study/Free Play   (Get a little help if needed on academics or enjoy time outside to play)

4:55-5:00  (5 minutes):    Clean Up / Pack Up / Dismissal



Have fun with themed games and sports.

How do I use the program?

It's as east as 1-2-3!

1. Get a QUICK OVERVIEW of each month's themed unit content.

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Read what activities you will do and what materials you will need to prepare.

2. Click a day on the calendar to find VIDEO LINKS, BOOKS, AND ACTIVITY HELP RESOURCES for each instruction day.

3. PRINT A LESSON PLAN/SCHEDULE for each of your STEM Coaches (after school staff) for each instruction day.


Story Time

Students gather in small groups outside to listen to their STEM coaches or peers read them a fun story themed to their STEM activities! Students are read to everyday from an amazing collection of printable stories.

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Monthly Schedules

Monthly Schedules Menu

Your books, activities and games are themed to a different STEM topic every month


Click on Amazing Animals Month. Check it out!

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Your students will study birds, ecosystems and animal homes! They will make a bird feeder, go bird watching, read amazing books and play fun games such as the bird beak relay races.

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Your students will study sedimentary rocks, dinosaurs and dinosaur bones! Your students will make fossils from clay, assemble a paper dinosaur skeleton, read amazing books and play fun games such as Dinosaur Duck, Duck, Goose.

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Your students will study how seeds move from place to place and sprout plants! They will read amazing books such as Aditson's Three Sisters and play fun games.

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Your students will study how seeds sprout and grow into plants and plant a garden! They will read amazing books such as Aditson's Three Sisters and play fun games.



Your students will make secret codes and send messages using Morse Code! They will learn to write programs using block code. They will read amazing books and play fun games such as Paku Paku.

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Your students will play with Tangrams and design and launch rockets! They will read amazing books such as Noor's Magic Tiles and play fun games.

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Your students will study gravity and conduct gravity races! They will read amazing books such as Voyage Through the Galaxy and play fun games.

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Your students will make a peep hole box and learn about bats! They will make a solar pop bottle light! They will read amazing books such as Shamma Shines and Luzvimenda's Light and play fun games.

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Your students will study reef ecosystems and view sand under the microscope! They will discover why it is harmful for birds to eat plastic. They will read amazing books such as Palu, Man of the Sea and play fun games such as Cat's Cradle to see what it is like for an animal to get tangled up in trash.

Programming and Robotics

See why students love to code!

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4 Coding Modes, any device!

This little robot is kid tough and infinitely customizable for all grades. It can be coded on and off the screen for PreK-12th graders. It has 4 different programming languages, and can be used with any device that has a microphone jack!

  • Off screen coding (barcode scan)

  • Picture block coding (EdBlocks App)

  • Scratch block coding 

  • Python coding

See some of the STEM activities these students love!

The STEMTaught Expanded Learning Program was created and piloted with the amazing staff at General Shafter Elementary.

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Planning a school garden and learning about where food comes from is a lot of work, but a great part of each week.

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Brine Shrimp

Students hatch and observe brine shrimp from the Great Salt Lake. They also build habitats that help their tiny larvae grow.

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Fascinated students take apart electronics to investigate what makes them work. Then they create their own imaginative invention.

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Wood Work

Students love building projects with wood. They develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, all while having fun.

Anyone Can Coach Our SEL Basketball Program!

Train with Ruthie Bolton

Basketball + SEL

Be the best version of you!

Ruthie is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and her basketball training program is designed for K-12 students. Learn Basketball handling and Listen to Ruthie's Inspirational messages in this amazing five week training and SEL program. 

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