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Meet Edison

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Scan Barcodes Day 1

Lesson Summary:

Get to know the buttons, lights and sensors on your Edison Robot. Learn about the NASA rover Perseverance. Build a lego creation on your robot. Draw a sketch of your creation. Today, we're focusing on learning about the parts of the robot and building their own custom robot.

What You'll Do:

Learn how your Edison robot works and what it can do. Design your own robot with legos and draw your creation. Write about what you imagine your robot might do.



  • Edison robot (1 per student)

  • Legos & tray (1 per student)

  • Pen, pencils, crayons or markers (to draw and explain their creation)

Printable Lesson 

STEM Coach Instructions

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Printable Lesson Activity 

Student Journal Sheets


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Printable Journal Page


Show this video to the class.


Show this video to the class.

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