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Programming and Robotics

See why students love to code!

STEMTaught uses the EdBlocks and EdScratch programming resources for the ELOP after school program. 

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EdBlocks Lessons

These lessons are a great introduction to using the Edison Robots. The lessons are designed for beginners at coding. Older students (Grades 4-8) can progress trough the lessons quickly and move on to the EdScratch Lessons.

1 Meet Edison.png

Lesson 1: Meet Edison

Get to know the buttons, lights and sensors on your Edison Robot. Learn about the NASA rover Perseverance. Build a lego creation on your robot. Draw a sketch of your creation.

2 Clap Cars.png

Lesson 2: Play Clap Racer

Learn to scan a barcode with your edison robot. Scan a barcode to turn your Edison into a clap racer, then play with your clap racer!

3 Avoid Obstacles.png

Lesson 3: Play Avoid Obstacles

Scan a barcode to turn your Edison into a a robot that can avoid obstacles, then play with your robot! Place obstacles in front of Edison and see what happens. You can even make a maze for Edison!

4 Follow a Light.png

Lesson 4: Play Follow a Light

Scan a barcode to turn your Edison into a robot that can follow a light, then play with your robot! Place a light in front of Edison and see what happens.

5 Line Tracking.png

Lesson 5: Play Line Tracker

Scan a barcode to turn your Edison into a robot that can follow a line, then play with your robot! Draw a line for Edison to follow and see what happens.

5 Bounce Borders.png

Lesson 6: Play Bounce Borders

Scan a barcode to turn your Edison into a robot that can turn away from a black line, then play with your robot! Draw a black circle with a marker and put edison inside. See what happens. You can make creative shapes or mazes for edison using a black marker

7 Sumo Wrestling.png

Lesson 7: Play Sumo Wrestling

Build a lego creation on your Edison to make it a Sumo Wrestler. Scan a barcode that combines two built-in programs; bounce in borders and obstacle detection. Draw a circle on a large piece of paper (this is your wrestling ring). Put two robots in the circle to wrestle! 

9 EdBlocks.png

Lesson 8: Learn to Use the EdBlocks Programming App

Learn to use the Edblocks programming app. Learn to assemble blocks to make a program. Practice making a program at

9 Download.png

Lesson 9: Learn to Download a Program From EdBlocks

Learn to use the Edblocks programming app to download your program onto your Edison. Watch Edison do what you program it to do! 

10 Drive.png

Lesson 10: Program Edison to Drive Forward

Program Edison to drive forward to cross a finish line. Discover how to control how far edison can go. The objective is to put edison on the start line and see how close it can get to stopping on the finish line. 

11 Turn.png

Lesson 11: Program Edison to Turn Right, Left and Around

Program Edison to turn left and right. Discover how to change the time value in seconds to control the turn. First, turn 90 degrees and then turn completely around.

12 Maze.png

Lesson 12: Program Edison to Follow a Road Or Maze

Program Edison to turn left and right and go straight to follow a path. Students can start with the small path provided on a printed paper, then they can draw their own path. Students can try each other's paths. Each path is a new puzzle.

12 follow line.png

Lesson 13: Program Edison to Follow a Line

Program Edison to follow a line. Then, draw a path for Edison to follow.

14 stop on black line.png

Lesson 14: Program Edison to Stop On a Black Line

Program Edison to stop when it reaches a black line. Then, draw a black line for Edison to stop on. Then try programming Edison to stop on lines of different colors.

15 start on clap.png

Lesson 15: Program Edison to Start On Clap

Program Edison to start doing its program when you clap. First, create your program then give a clap to watch Edison go!

16 Lights.png

Lesson 16: Program Edison's Lights

Program Edison's lights to turn on and off. You can create your own patterns of blinking lights.

17 Bump copy.png

Lesson 17: Program Edison to Not Bump Into Objects

Program Edison's to not bump into objects using its infrared light sensors. Conduct an experiment to see what types of objects and colors Edison can see and what objects and colors it can not see. Take notes on your observations.

18 Detect.png

Lesson 18: Program Edison to Detect Objects and Turn Around

Program Edison to turn around before it bumps into something. Create a motion command for Edison to do to get away from obstacles once Edison detects something.

19 Stay Within the Lines.png

Lesson 19: Program Edison to Stay Within the Lines 

Program Edison to stay within the lines of a black box. Students can create a motion path command to help Edison back up and turn away when it reaches a black line.

20 Music.png

Lesson 20: Program Edison to Make Music

Build legos on top of Edison to turn it into an ice cream truck. Program Edison to make music as it drives around. Can you make a good ice cream truck song with your robot?

21 music light.png

Lesson 21: Program Edison to Play Music When It Detects a Light

Program Edison to make a song, then program it to play the song when it detects a light. Decorate or dress Edison up to perform in the spotlight. You can program edison to dance too!

22 Go Away from Light.png

Lesson 22: Program Edison to Avoid a Light 

Program Edison to go away from a flashlight. Then play the cockroach game. Use legos to make your edison robot a bug. Draw a circle and have everyone put their Edison robots in the circle. Each student can use their flashlight to try to keep their robot in the circle and to push all the other robots out of the circle. 

23 Disco.png

Lesson 23: Program Edison to Receive a Message and Dance

Program Edison to receive a pink envelope message and begin to dance. The teacher will have to program their robot to send out a the message. When the teacher presses the button on their edison, all the student's robots will begin to move and the dance party will begin!

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