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Bird Watching and Bug Catching

NGSS Metric:


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Students will go exploring to observe the wildlife around them.

What You'll Do:

Students will be going outside to observe the birds and bugs on campus,
and they will write about their observations in their nature journal.
1. Allow students to take time to explore! Encourage them to look under rocks, in
the grass, in the bushes, and up in the air.
2. When the students have made their observations and discoveries they may
choose to collect a bug to continue to observe it in a test tube under the
microscope. Remind them to be gentle with the bug and release it outside when
they have finished their observations.
3. Allow students 15 minutes or so to write and draw a nature journal entry about
the things they noticed and learned during their exploration.



Additional Resources

Print these instructions

Printable Resource 

Student Resources


Printable Journal Page


Show this video to the class.


Show this video to the class.

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