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Nectar Experiment

NGSS Metric:


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Students will simulate being honey bees by colleting water and bringing it back to a pretend hive

What You'll Do:

"Today we’re going outside to do a nectar collecting experiment! Bees work
hard to collect and bring pollen and nectar from flowers back to their hive. Bees
travel long distances to collect nectar from flowers. Bees typically travel up to 2
miles (3 kilometers) from their hive to collect nectar. They have been know to
explore up to 16 miles (25 kilometers) from their hive. Bees can visit between 50
and 100 flowers during one nectar collection trip. The nectar is used to make
honey which they eat. The nectar and pollen they collect is stored in the
honeycomb which they make using wax that comes from glands on their bellies.
Today you will get to pretend to be a honey bee. You can run around the school
yard with Pippi pipette to collect water and bring it back to our pretend hive. I
will place water stations around the schoolyard and you can pretend they are
flowers full of sweet nectar. You can zoom around like a busy bee to collect
nectar to bring back to your hive. You will see what it is like to be a hard working
honey be



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Show this video to the class.


Show this video to the class.

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