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Rob the Nest

NGSS Metric:

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Players will work in teams to get as many balls to their base as

What You'll Do:

Set up the four different colored hoops. One for each corner of the
playing field. These hoops will be the nests. Put all the balls and bean bags in a
pile in the center of the playing field. These will be the eggs. Organize the players
into four teams. Have each team stand at their nests. The colored hoops will be
the team names. For example, blue team, red team, etc. The teams will compete to
try to get as many balls in their nest as possible. When the STEM Coach says
“Go!” One player at a time from each team will run to collect one egg at a time and
will bring it back to their nest. The type of egg the player picks will determine the
way the player brings back the egg. For example, if it is a soccer ball, the player
must kick the ball between their feet on their way back to the nest. If it is a
basketball, the player must dribble the ball back. If it is a bean bag, they must
balance it on their head. If it is a soft foam ball or bouncy ball, they must put it
between their legs and hop back to the nest. Players will keep running to collect
eggs from the nest until all the eggs have been collected from the nest. Once all
the eggs are in the teams' nests, the STEM Coach will shout, “Rob the nest!” At
this point all the players will be given 1 to 2 minutes to run to the other players’
nest and bring one egg at a time back to their nest. Players are not allowed to
guard or block others from taking the eggs from their nests. Once the time is up,
the STEM Coach will shout, “Stop!” The team with the most eggs in their nest



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Show this video to the class.


Show this video to the class.

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