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Banana Leaves
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Week 1

Exploring Africa

Gear up to get on a plane to Africa. Build your hut and cook with the natives. Code your robots and see the sights of the safari.

Week 2

Into the Outback

Discover the outback. Start to grow your own crazy critters in your classrooms and discover the world of insects on your campus.

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Week 3

Voyage to Ulithi

Dive in and find out about the amazing creatures that live in the ocean. Get your underwater paper and help us take measurements with the marine biologist team.

Week 4

Amazon Adventure

Who is hanging out in the canopy? Come up the river and see. Take some time to harvest Cacao and make a sweet chocolate treat. Then string up your hammocks to read and rest.

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Water Day Supplies

2 sprinklers

1 sprinkler for TK-K

1 Waterslide

1 Pump & Play -  TK or K can use during the school year.

4 packs - These a favorite and reusable!

1 set

G1U8 Sun.webp

Save all your Amazon Boxes so students can make their solar ovens!

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