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The support system your team needs

Learn how our training program can help your staff become confident and independent teaching ELOP programs

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Learn Techniques

We teach proven techniques on how to conduct engaging hands-on labs. Staff learns how to teach ELOP programs and basic classroom management and strategies.

Receive Support

Your staff can have access to a team of experienced ELOP trainers in a monthly meeting to teach the best tecniques for their classroom. Between sessions, we are also available for questions and support, so your team does not have to do venture into ELOP alone. 

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Build Competency

Staff experience how to teach and learn the tools on their own. We are focused on building competency for your team so they are empowered and can independently teach after school for years to come. 

What is the Training Program?

Our training program will be the ramp up step that your team needs to provide the best ELOP experience for your students. Our training is centered on getting your staff comfortable with teaching hands on. We have experienced staff who have ran ELOP programs, which allows us to not only teach your team about our tools and technologies, but also provide group management strategies and the best tips on running effective after school programs. Any educator can benefit from this training!

  • Can your resources be used for older students in middle school and high school?
    Certain programs are best for certain age groups. Here is a brief breakdown of which programs are best for specific age groups. ELOP: Grades K-8 Summer Camp: Grades K-8 Robotics: Grades K-12 Microscopy: Grades K-12 Basketball: Grades 4-8
  • Will the programs work for students with special needs?
    Absolutely! We have found through several years of working with students of all abilities that students with special needs thrive when given the opportunity for hands-on learning where they can use their hands and creative thinking to come up with solutions.
  • Do you provide support?
    Yes, we provide support through email, phone calls, and text messages. Please reach out, and we will work together to address your needs.
  • Can you come on-site for in-person training?
    Yes, if requested we can travel to your school to have in-person training. There is a fee associated with this.
  • How long do we have access to the program?
    You will have access to the program for a year from the date the program is purchased.
  • Where do we get the supplies for the daily activities?
    Each month has a supply list of everything that you will need to make the month a success! All the supplies can be purchased at a local Walmart or on
  • Are the robots and microscopes included in the ELOP program?
    No. The robots and microscopes can be purchased separately at an extra cost. Although activities using robots and microscopes are a part of the schedule, the ELOP program can easily be run without the use of either of these resources. While they are not necessary, they are encouraged, as these resources provide the students frequent opportunities to develop valuable life skills from a young age that will set them up for success in future endeavors!
  • I see that the schedule is only for a 2-hour 30-minute schedule, but our program runs longer, can this work for our program?
    We have created our daily schedules based on a 2-hour 30-minute schedule. The times and activities are adjustable for your school day.
  • How do I use the program?
    1. Get a QUICK OVERVIEW of each month's themed unit content. Read what activities you will do and what materials you will need to prepare. 2. Click a day on the calendar to find VIDEO LINKS, BOOKS, AND ACTIVITY HELP RESOURCES for each instruction day. 3. PRINT A LESSON PLAN/SCHEDULE for each of your STEM Coaches (after school staff) for each instruction day.

Ready to get started?

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