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Make After School
Memorable and Seamless

We bring schools reliable ELOP/after school curriculum for hands-on learning and fun.

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Experience Hands on Learning

StemTaught provides curriculum that incorporates hands-on activities. All students have the opportunity to experiment with real world science tools throught the many labs, games and activities

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Ready to Use Programs

The programs we offer come ready to be implemented in the classroom. There is no hassle or confusion for those facilitating the process. Anyone can teach our easy to use programs!

Provide Learning that Lasts

Students need engaging activities after school, we provide more than something to keep them busy. Our programs are designed with the students in mind, they receive long lasting education that will stay with them for years to come. 

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What people are saying about StemTaught

Words of praise by our valuable customers

The greatest thing I can say about them is they are devoted to training staff, supporting staff and teachers, modeling lessons and providing everything needed for a quality hands-on science program.


Julie Boesch

Assistant Director, CCEE


STEMTaught has created a uniquely special hands-on science program. It has made an incredible difference in our students interest in science.


Stuart Packard

Superintendent, Buttonwillow


Witnessing our students learning how to code has been such a fantastic experience. 

I see their problem-solving and communication skills developing right before

my eyes.


Brittany Harer

ELOP Director,

General Shafter

What is StemTaught ELOP?

STEMTaught focuses on providing standards aligned STEM curriculum for students in grades K-12. Our after school (ELOP) programs are centered on hands-on learning, problem-solving, real world skills and lots of fun. Our curriculum is easy to use, can be taught by anyone and is flexible according to your school schedule. Check out our available programs below to learn more!

STEM Daily Plan

Discover the 180 days of STEM-based daily plans featuring a story, games, and activities that are so easy to follow that anyone can lead them.

Summer Camp

Explore the world from your campus by participating in unique activities at our easy to run, four week camps!

Basketball Program

Learn Basketball from Ruthie Bolton, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and listen to inspirational messages in this amazing five week training.

Robotics Program

Gain real world and relevant skills by using 4 different programming languages to conduct small robots, all while having fun!


Become a scientist with our program. Students explore the world by observing and journaling their discoveries through the lens of a microscope

  • Can your resources be used for older students in middle school and high school?
    Certain programs are best for certain age groups. Here is a brief breakdown of which programs are best for specific age groups. ELOP: Grades K-8 Summer Camp: Grades K-8 Robotics: Grades K-12 Microscopy: Grades K-12 Basketball: Grades 4-8
  • Will the programs work for students with special needs?
    Absolutely! We have found through several years of working with students of all abilities that students with special needs thrive when given the opportunity for hands-on learning where they can use their hands and creative thinking to come up with solutions.
  • Do you provide support?
    Yes, we provide support through email, phone calls, and text messages. Please reach out, and we will work together to address your needs.
  • Can you come on-site for in-person training?
    Yes, if requested we can travel to your school to have in-person training. There is a fee associated with this.
  • How long do we have access to the program?
    You will have access to the program for a year from the date the program is purchased.
  • Where do we get the supplies for the daily activities?
    Each month has a supply list of everything that you will need to make the month a success! All the supplies can be purchased at a local Walmart or on
  • Are the robots and microscopes included in the ELOP program?
    No. The robots and microscopes can be purchased separately at an extra cost. Although activities using robots and microscopes are a part of the schedule, the ELOP program can easily be run without the use of either of these resources. While they are not necessary, they are encouraged, as these resources provide the students frequent opportunities to develop valuable life skills from a young age that will set them up for success in future endeavors!
  • I see that the schedule is only for a 2-hour 30-minute schedule, but our program runs longer, can this work for our program?
    We have created our daily schedules based on a 2-hour 30-minute schedule. The times and activities are adjustable for your school day.
  • How do I use the program?
    1. Get a QUICK OVERVIEW of each month's themed unit content. Read what activities you will do and what materials you will need to prepare. 2. Click a day on the calendar to find VIDEO LINKS, BOOKS, AND ACTIVITY HELP RESOURCES for each instruction day. 3. PRINT A LESSON PLAN/SCHEDULE for each of your STEM Coaches (after school staff) for each instruction day.

Provide the best
after school experience 
with StemTaught

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