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Let's Explore Barcodes

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EdScratch Day 2

Lesson Summary:

Students discover the many things Edison can do with barcode programming.

What You'll Do:

Today we get to explore many different things Edison can do using barcodes! Watch Edison as it avoids obstacles, bounces in borders, follows a line and more. Once you've seen what Edison can do, make up your own game! Use one of the actions you saw Edison do.



  • Edison robot (1 per student)

  • Legos (a tray per student)

  • Flashlights (1 per student)

  • Objects for making obstacles

  • Supplies for making your own borders (electrical tape, paper, markers, etc) or the pages provided

Printable Lesson 

STEM Coach Instructions

Print these instructions


Printable Lesson Activity 

Student Journal Sheets


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Printable Journal Page


Show this video to the class.


Show this video to the class.

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