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Let's Stay in the Borders

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EdBlocks Day 12

Lesson Summary:

Students program their robot to detect a black line and avoid crossing it.

What You'll Do:

Program your Edison robot by arranging the blocks how they are shown. Be sure to add a loop at the end and choose Edison's speed. create a border with black tape around a table and place your robot inside the border and run the program. Have students experiment different time with the 'reverse' and 'turn back' block as well as using different speeds. Have students report their findings on the paper provided. Then have students think of how this program would work in the real world.



  • Chromebook or other computer (If they are coding)

  • Edison Robot (1 per student)

  • Legos & tray (1 per student)

  • Electrical tape or balck markers and paper 

Printable Lesson 

STEM Coach Instructions

Print these instructions


Printable Lesson Activity 

Student Journal Sheets


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Printable Journal Page


Show this video to the class.


Show this video to the class.

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